Help international architects and designers find jobs in China

the.earthIf you are an international design firm, we can recommend Chinese clients to you, would you like that? It’s free, don’t worry. All you need to do is to listen to us and promote your services the way we suggest. Basically, we believe the internet and smart phones are the most effective platform of promotion. If you agree, let’s start.

Prepare a professional brochure and send it to us. »
There are three basic requirements for your brochure:

  • It needs to be .pdf or .pps format. Do not send us a bunch of photos.
  • The pictures need to be clear, not blurring.
  • You should make it clear what kind of services you provided on each project, for example, if you are an interior designer but you didn’t design the cabinetry, please make it clear.
  • Please click here to read more about how to produce a impressive and effective brochure. Remember that, in most cases, the Chinese decision makers are senior, and they will make decisions based on your brochure, and the interview.

    If you have already sent this to us, or you want to skip it. Go to the next link.

    Design a nice website which is not be blocked in China »
    Design a new website in Mandarin, and run a professional constantly-updated blog on it, also in Chinese. Google is very important for marketing nowadays, and the search engines favor websites with fresh contents.
    If your company is not a big design firm, and you do not want to spend a lot of money and time to create a new website in Mandarin, you can just create a company profile page in Chinese, which is free using our tools. Please click here.
    And if you want to find a job and live in China, you can create a resume in Chinese using our free tools too. Click here to find out how.

    Career in China »

    Chinese.flag.ballChina has become a great place for designers and architects because there are so many developments going on everywhere, and smaller cities are really looking all over for designers who have international experience and talents. We can help you to find a full time job in China.

    Find a Chinese design partner »
    We can match you with local Chinese design firms who are actively looking for international designers to partner with.

    If you are an international design firm who has already set up an office in China, please let us know.

    Create advantages for small design firms to win jobs »

    You need a bridge to enter the China market

    How do we create advantages for small design firms to win jobs

    When a client chooses a designer/architect, they mainly think about Price, China Experience, Quality of Design, Well Known Projects and Celebrity Clients, Flexibility(Easy to Work With).
    Because Amasia represents a number of members of this site, we can always put togeter a team of different design firms, so that the team is just like a large international design firm. Most of the projects that need international designers are large scale ones like resort master planning and only a team can do it well so the client perfectly understands it. Coordination among such a team is handled by our experienced project managers who speak both languages.
    Your company may have no experience working in China, but a couple of other team members will have. However, they may not have won top design awards but you may have. So we combine all of you together to look better.

    Help international architects/designers for China market

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